Let the games begin!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On International Children's Day (June 1, 2013), it marks the launch of a community project called The "Uh-Huh"Challenge.

What is "uh-huh"? 
Would you say it is an automatic response mostly used to date?  
How many times when a child asks you a question while you happened to be typing a text message on your mobile phone or checking your email on your laptop, you unintentionally slurred out those words "uh-huh"?

Under Wiktionary, "uh-huh"......
  • can be used informally as an answer to a question
  • is often said while someone else is talking, in order to show that the listener is still interested or agrees with what the speaker is saying
  • can serve as an informal reply to thanks or an expression of gratitude 

With that context in mind......
Join us for a 15 day challenge to UNPLUG from digital devices for 2 hours each day and really spend it with your family.

By playing this game, the intent is to bring commitment and awareness of how the digital world we live in today can become a distraction and interruption. 

The challenge is open to all parents, educators and families located in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. 


Let's Share your experience with us here.  Tell your story about the unplug experience of 2 hours each day within the 15 days and win some great prizes (Sign Up Now | Enter for Giveaways)!